Art Crimes: War Art 18

The images shown here are copyright © 2005 the artists.

scope_sg_oac2x.jpg scope_sg_oac4x.jpg
Scope, in Singapore.

qwest_havok_mtlx.jpg qwest_havokx.jpg

Qwest and Havok from Montreal (Canada), August 23 2005 - "against war in general"

lightweapons_opfor_sa#26740.jpg lightweapons_opfor_sa#2673F.jpg

by Light Weapons and Opfor from Sacramento California USA in special dedication to a fallen brother in Iraq (no larger versions are available)

Rino, Fabrik, Eros, Onare, Apset, Inva - Parasites Crew - in Kalamaria, Greece, 2006

A1one, from Tehran, Iran. "It's against the Big Media Lies. BBC is lying about IRAN."

By Phorm, in Perugia Italy:

By WAR crew in Las Vegas USA, 2008:


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